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Property Brothers & Sisters Holdings is a real estate equity firm operating in Augusta, Georgia. Our objective is to invest in value-added assets to yield small-to-medium or medium-to-high returns for our stakeholders.

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Our Mission

Property Brothers & Sisters mission is to modernize the experience of investing in managing real estate by incorporating tenets of transparency and inclusiveness with collaborating investors that lead to long-term wealth-building relationships.

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What's the process for selling my property?

1. A property owner receives an offer from us and agrees to a price.
2. We will perform due-diligence on the property and schedule closing in as little as 1-week.
3. We will have the contract and deed drawn up, reviewed for accuracy and presented to the land owner.
4. Upon approval, the deed is signed, notarized, and recorded. Unless otherwise agreed, all back taxes, transaction costs, notary costs, and recording costs are paid by us. Nothing out of sellers pocket.

If you have a property or multiple properties that you would like to sell please reach out to us via phone or email. We’d be happy to discuss the opportunity.

How do I make an offer to buy a property?

We respond to offers in the order they are received.

Once you connect with us and you want to purchase the property, we’ll require an earnest deposit to secure your offer on that property. We’ll answer any of your questions so you feel 100% confident and comfortable with your decisions.


There is a document processing fee for drawing up the contracts and working through the process. This is a non-refundable fee. We are happy to discuss all details and options prior to documentation.


1. Your information is gathered and input into the documentation, then presented to you for review.
2. Upon your approval, the document is sent out for electronic signature. You sign it, we sign it, and a fully executed version is provided for your records.
3. Down-payment and documentation processing fee will need to be paid.
4. We collect a portion of the estimated real estate taxes and HOA fee (if applicable) every month and pay for you at the end of the year. There is also a small monthly note servicing fee that is charged per month.
5. Once closed and deposit is paid, we will setup a loan in our system to draw payments on a monthly basis on the designated payment date.
6. For cash transactions or once the note is paid in full, we will record the deed with the County within 30-days at our expense. No additional charge to the buyer.

Our Motto

“Relationships, Extraordinary Reach, Extraordinary Returns.”

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